Western Digital

Company Name: Western Digital Corporation

Sector: Semiconductors

Sub Sector: Memory & Storage

Website: https://www.westerndigital.com/

Company Profile

Western Digital Corporation (NASDAQ: WDC) is a leader in data storage technologies and infrastructure, creates environments for data to thrive. The company is driving the innovation needed to help customers capture, preserve, access and transform an ever-increasing diversity of data. Everywhere data lives, from advanced data centers to mobile sensors to personal devices, our industry-leading solutions deliver the possibilities of data. Our data-centric solutions are marketed under the G-Technology™, SanDisk®, WD®, and the Western Digital® brands. The company addresses ever-changing market needs by providing a full portfolio of compelling, high-quality storage solutions with customer-focused innovation, high efficiency, flexibility and speed. Western Digital has three sites in Israel at Kfar Saba, Tefen and Omer with a combined total of more than 1,000 Employees. Western Digital Capital partners with startups that are driving new innovations in how data is captured, preserved, accessed and transformed. We provide the expertise, connections and capital required to scale the organizations and enable success.

Interest and contribution in GenPro

Western Digital currently consumes over 1B processor on an annual basis across its product portfolio. To contribute towards the advancement and success of the RISC-V ecosystem, Western Digital takes leading role in the RISC-V foundation (Board Member), worldwide ecosystem and plans to transition future core, processor, and controller to the RISC-V architecture. Western Digital is committed to advancing RISC-V technology for use in mission-critical applications so that it can be deployed in its products. The transition will occur gradually and once completely transitioned, Western Digital expects to be shipping 2B RISC-V cores annually. Western Digital sees Israel as a huge innovation center, and therefore heavily invest to advance RISC-V expertise and adoption within the Israeli ecosystem, including taking active role in GenPro consortium.

Western Digital contribution to GenPro is mainly focus around toolchain and low-level Firmware applications.

Since RISC-V Toolchain is not mature yet, there was a need by the GenPro consortium to accelerate toolchain development, optimization alongside support new instructions.

As for low-level firmware application, Western Digital provides Real Time Operating System (RTOS) support with firmware abstraction layer and new firmware features, like the Cacheable-Overlay-Manager-RISCV – a mechanism for code paging on Real Time, done fully on firmware without any need for hardware support.

Contact details:

Ofer Shinaar,