Established in 2012 by leading entrepreneurs in the satellite industry, SatixFy designs next-generation satellite communication systems based on in-house developed chipsets. With locations in Israel and the UK, SatixFy develops a line of satellite communication modems with Software Defined Radio (SDR) and Electronically Steered Multi Beam Antennas (ESMA) to support the most advanced standards, such as DVB-S2X.

SatixFy’s ASICs radically increase system performance and reduce the weight and power requirements of terminals, payloads and gateway equipment. With satellite communication expertise and full development capabilities, the company delivers the industry’s smallest VSATs and multi-beam electronically steered antenna arrays for a variety of mobile applications and services such as Connected Car, IoT, consumer broadband, airline broadband communications, communication payloads and more.

The activity in GenPro includes the following:

  • RISCV Radiation Hardened – HW and FW
    • Our goal is to design our first Radiation Hardened device
    • This is a totally new area in which we will utilize all of our communication / architecture / design / backend expertise and use them to design a complete Rad-Hard (RH) device
    • Plan is to Integrate as one of our main RISC processor in our network architecture
  • RISCV accelerators
    • Design and integrate into our Chip environment HW accelerators to improve performance
      • Such as reciprocal , sqrt , arctan
  • RISCV Low power consumption
    • Plan is to Implement RISCV under GF 22nm SOI using FBB (Forward Body Bias) technology which reduce area using BB in implementation flow (Synthesis and BackEnd)
  • RISCV performance under Virtual Platform Simulations
    • The main work-horse of the PP (packet Processor)
    • Micro-Processing-Cluster (uPC4) consists of 4 Micro-Processing-Units (uPU) instances and shared resources

Contact details:

Stephane Zohar